Why Hire a Maui Photographer?

Like most mothers I sit here scrolling through my phones pictures getting sucked down memory lane. I can’t believe how fast babies grow up and how much they change within a year. Where does the time go? I noticed I have tons of pictures of my husband with the kids and the kids alone. I make a mental note to hand off my camera more often so I can be apart of the memories. Each year I save and get family photos done because there is something magical and exciting about opening the email to see the family photos from another persons perspective. I love that me and the kids can look back on those memories.

As a mother and a photographer I decided to write 5 reasons why you should hire a maui family photographer.

  1. Hiring a photographer allows you to be apart of the memory.

    As mothers we are one of our child’s main characters in their lives. When your child looks back on the photos or albums from when they were young they would want to see you in those pictures. Don’t leave out the main characters. As a photographer this is one of the main reasons why I love capturing families so much. To create memories for you to cherish for a lifetime.

2. Good photographers won’t make you feel awkward or uncomfortable.

A good photographer won’t make you feel uncomfortable or awkward in front of the camera. I always get to know my clients before the shoot. I ask if they’ve gotten their photos done before and I ask them questions to dive deeper into their last experience. My approach is unposed when it comes to photographing my clients. It helps people feel more comfortable in front of the camera and makes cute candid photos!!

3. Pros know their equipment.

Photographers invest a good amount of money into photography gear. When you hire a good photographer they know their equipment. They know how to work with the light and how to “pose” you to make you look good! For example I have a few different lenses I love to use for a certain image I have in mind!

4. Planning.

They help you with the planning! They will give you instruction on what to wear and most often then not they scout locations. They will know how to make you look good and how to achieve pretty pictures.

5. Magic!

They deliver magic! As a mother I love excitement of opening the email and seeing the photos. I love how other people can capture memories from their perspective. As a photographer editing the pictures is half the magic! A good photographer can transform the picture and make it beautiful!

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I’m Kelly, the one behind Kelly Petrovski Photography. I’m an Maui, Hawaii  photographer and I specialize in family, maternity, couples and elopement photography.

I love chasing sunsets and adventure. Maui has the most beautiful scenery and has so much to explore. My sessions are easy going and fun. Let’s adventure around Maui, Kapalua, Ka’anapali, Lahaina, Wailea or North shore. Excited to capture your love story.

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